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How are you? We are currently enjoying our time not having to plan anything – it almost has left a vacuum not having to plan our wedding anymore…what to do next?? But all the stress and hassle (of which you kept most away from us anyway!) was definitely worth it!

What a fantastic day it was, truly amazing and it seems that not only we as the bridal couple had a great and special day, but in fact all our guests were amazed as to what we have organised and we have had a lot of positive feedback.

You have worked so hard to make this day truly special for us, and we wanted to say a BIG THANKS for everything that you have done for us, all your hard work and efforts, your endurance of nerves-wracking moments and change-of-mind-moments (oh, my hairdo…), the endless phone and email conversations, all the back-and-forth, and last but not least your brilliant support throughout managing our day to perfection.

Your attention to detail is fantastic and is what made this day not only great but outstanding, and we know from our own experiences that planning things to this extent of detail is so much harder to achieve as it requires all the extra effort. Well, it was all so worth it, so to sum it up: thank you so much for everything you have done! And it would be very nice to stay in touch after everything has been closed out!!!

Anyway, have a great day and hope you are enjoying the time before Christmas. And have a fabulous and more-than-well-deserved Christmas Holiday!!!


Billie and Martin

Hochzeit im Schloss